Bert Verhelst


Until it's AWESOME


Future of humans

Ever thought what technology will bring?

head with mind headset
  • Speech recognition
  • Controlling computers with your mind
  • Syntectic speech
  • ...
Basically computer human interface is getting more and more important.

But what will the future bring?

  • First: make computers understand complex tasks
  • Second: make them understand this trough mind reading
  • Third: build awesome stuff a lot faster

The next step, matrix style

Next will be the other way around. Suppose we can remove an vertebra from our back and replace it with a synthetic one. One that can have an computer cable connected to it so we can intercept signals going to our body and instead send them to a computer. Great improvement of game play, don't you think?

Discarding the weak link

barcode scanner Now an other step in technology would be simulating human beings. (assuming: humans are completely physically determined, in other words, we don't have a spiritual part or soul).
  • Atomic scanner
  • Advanced computer system
  • One human test subject
  • Perfect knowledge of the human brain and body
Let the simulating begin. Remember to scan some air and food.

Pro vs Con

  • Turning of the power = murder
  • Cancer is deletable
  • Violence is pauseable
  • No more pollution
  • Eternal life
  • No more overpopulation

Beating lightspeed

Albert Einstein with toung Create a device that can assemble a large amount of atoms in a specific position. You could send the blueprints for yourself to one of these stations... at lightspeed. Kill the original and you got teleportation.

Discarding the weak link2

Last step in the technological advancement would be to make sure we are no longer dependant on physical matter. This is where it starts to get hard imagining it all. We could try going to an other dimension that is more secure. Did we just ascend?